New Tag Team Formed In WWE SmackDown Dark Match


New Tag Team Formed In WWE SmackDown Dark Match

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A dark match that passed off before last night’s episode of WWE SmackDown might have hinted at the formation of whole new} tag team on the blue brand.

Prior to the show, significant Machinery defeated the makeshift pair of former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and former worldwide Champion Shelton Benjamin, 2 men WHO haven’t been given an excellent deal of screen time recently.

Could this be the beginning of a daily pairing on SmackDown? Shelton has been spinning his wheels since his team with Chad Gable was skint up last year and Jinder has been left while not the Singh Brothers to back him up when their switch to 205 Live and he too has been swimming stroke for a year.

SmackDown is urgently wanting tag groups since the genius organization, as evidenced last night by Daniel Bryan and Rowan becoming the brand’s new tag team champions. With Benjamin and Mahal doing nothing of note it makes sense to team them up to give them something to do and increase the depth of the tag ranks.

The problems for the division of late have been:

Jeff Hardy’s injury causing the break up of the Hardy Boyz
Cesaro moving to Raw and thus ending The Bar
The Usos moving to Raw
Big E’s injury and Kofi Kingston winning the WWE Title meaning the New Day are not teaming regularly
The Good Brothers moving to Raw
Sanity splitting three ways in the Superstar Shakeup
Ricochet and Aleister Black splitting in the Superstar Shakeup
Shane McMahon and The Miz splitting due to Shane’s heel turn

WWE has also hinted at further teams forming, including Ali & Finn Balor and Shane McMahon & Elias. Chances are we will see more underutilised performers be given the chance for television time in the tag ranks in the coming weeks.

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